big al (gendertrouble) wrote,
big al


so a few days ago i was thinking about supernatural, as i do. i was telling someone that it was like the x files with dudes. like -dudes-, not just men. but i was thinking about their casting/writing decisions, and how adding castiel was kind of like adding methos to highlander. just so far as keeping fans interested, keeping character development moving, giving a new sort of character to play the main characters off of.

and yeah, the only guy in highlander i had a crush on was methos, and the only guy on supernatural i have a crush on is castiel, so there is that.

but lo and behold, here i found out a movie that will probably be very poorly received, Stonehenge Apocolypse, will have both castiel's misha collins and methos's peter wingfield.


ps. they were also both on 24, but at totally different times.

eta: stonehenge apocolypse is a syfy original! so it is guaranteed to be bad, but it also might be 'good'.

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