big al (gendertrouble) wrote,
big al

archaic to the point of comedy. powerful to the point of dismay.

that peculiar 20th century institution, corrupt in that peculiarly 20th century way, the ratings system, is now officially a mockery of itself.

Unrated is the new R. no one will buy your raunchy comedy on dvd if it's just rated R.

but being unrated means it's not rated. the implication is that this cut was given an nc-17 rating. but since nc-17 is a movie distribution death knell, the choice is made to leave it unrated, which for some reason is considered more palateable?

so in the end, the unrated version, which by nature of being unrated means there are no suggested or enforced restrictions on who gets to see the film, is made available to the kids whose mental health was supposedly in danger in the first place. but the R rated version, which is supposedly less detrimental to our youth, is not.

what was the point again?

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