big al (gendertrouble) wrote,
big al

brooklynian werewolf in queens

driving in queens is like backpacking in the yorkshire moors. what happens when you venture from the highway is unpredictable. if i was 17 now, i'd write a zine about all the times i've gotten lost in queens. but i never got lost there before i was 17.

oscar asked me to check out a parking lot in long island city on my way home tonight. the map said it would take 10 minutes. 40 minutes and 4 wrong turns later, i'm on the manhattan side of the queensboro.

the best thing is as you get off the bridge, it's basically set up so you can get back on going the other way, almost more easily than you can actually turn off onto 2nd ave or wherever. and i was definitely not the only person making that graceful u-turn.

i did find the parking lot 2 wrong turns and an accidentally missed it later.

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