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despite my staunch descriptivist stance, "i could care less' does always kinda bug me. i wouldn't have thought it american specific though.

indoor kids

fired up for naught (a lost post)

i'm avoiding lost finale discussions as much as i can, but my friend eric, posted about the love/hate debate on his blog, and linked it to my complainy facebook status about the finale, so i was drawn in. (i am firmly in the hate camp and have been for some time. arguably years.)

my response is far too long and heated for a blog that was not at all offensive, and ultimately we are talking about a tv show. and not even it's sociopolitical ramifications(which are important), but it's narrative merits. so basically i'm warning you that i get all worked up about stupid shit and that's what this post is about. but you might find it interesting, so here you go.

I totally disagree, Eric. I didn't care about the characters because they were always inconsistently written, and a lot of their actions didn't make sense. that's almost acceptable in a plot driven story, but in a real character driven story, that is unacceptable. The characters with the most time were also the least interesting. I do understand, for example, that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje wanted to leave the show, so they had to kill off his character. But as the most interesting and complex character up until that point, if not in the entire show, they should not have let him leave so easily. and Desmond, one of the few characters I did care about, was reduced to a magic wand by the last season, waved around to bring us a 'happy ending', while completely ignoring almost everything about him, besides the fact that he can take a lot of electromagnetic energy without turning inside out. He ceased being a person at all.

That the main conceit of the 5th season of lost was that the back to the future notion of time travel was in fact NOT how time travel worked, was completely unraveled, to the point of irrelevance is a huge, show ruining flaw. Since no one ever really believed what they were saying (the character OR the viewers), it wasn't shocking, interesting or fun that in fact you could make a difference in the past. In fact, the character driven part of last season, a group of people in the past having to live out events that already happened, that already happened with them in it but they don't remember, that is fascinating. but they even let that interest fall apart by ignoring it all with the last season. they should have just left last season's ending as the ending. at least they wouldn't have ruined a good thing.

and really, if this show was supposed to be about the characters and their hardships and the sci fi was flair, why did they cater so hardcore to sci fi fans with their arg's and sdcc appearances? why hire a comic book sci fi writer as your showrunner? but nope, all of that stuff that kept you up at night, wondering. totally irrelevant and forgotten.

honestly, i think the show was just really poorly written, and it was especially poorly thought out. the person the others had been listening to, through richard, through widmore and hawking (apparently not through ben) for -years-, we're supposed to believe, by the end of the show, that he was somehow the 'good guy'? that torturing, ignoring and leaving to die people who have been, apparently, -brought- to the island by jacob was for the overall 'good'. that is fricken absurd. it made all that came before it meaningless.

at least 3 out of the 6 seasons of lost (the second, third and sixth), were just incredibly lazy. and that's the real real tragedy of the whole thing, was that the sci fi set ups were -awesome-. the potential for greatness was -there-. but they squandered it. dharma, hanso, the others. that shit was amazingly creepy and intriguing, but they never had a plan. they never had an answer to sayid's question, "which is creepier, that the statue is broken or that the foot has 4 toes." they threw away every intrigue, every possible conspiracy theory and ended things with a huge steaming pile of coincidence. and well that is shitty storytelling.

and here I'll say I don't think twin peaks comparisons are fair. For starters, while TP was soapy, it was a mystery show at it's core, and -that- was the problem with season 2. When the mystery of season 1 was solved, everyone kind of lost interest. The characters were still fascinating, but people didn't care about the new mysteries. and as for it's 'resolution', TP was canceled. they didn't have time to tie anything up. they barely had time to explore the new paths they were taking (the lodges were scary! and fascinating!). what is lost's excuse for it's last season being so terribly uninteresting?

and don't forget, that was a radically different time for tv. keeping enough people interested in such a show to keep it on the air was a lot harder than it is now. I don't doubt that in 1990, lost would have died by the end of season 2. because season 2 was a crap fest of blatant mommy and daddy issues. and you're right if you say at this point, you should have stopped watching then. but i didn't. and now i'm bummed. and as for answers only being able to disappoint, the ultimate answer to twin peaks ultimate mystery, was actually really fantastic. but the show was cancelled so you had to see the (not great) movie to get that answer.

but anyway lost had 3 years to tie up and/or explore its mysteries. they didn't have to answer every question, but they could have had them be relevant to the rest of the narrative. instead, they made it so they could have told the whole story without any of it, and it wouldn't have changed. sci fi as background set pieces. maybe I "missed the point" of lost but I don't think you should put really interesting science and magic in your show just to 'mashup genres'. because you fail at mashing up genres (and you fail all the people watching for that aspect of the show) when by letting the shows genre aspects fall apart. and you're right, i'll think about the smoke monster and the button. i won't think about kate's tumultuous relationships or jack's son. if the point of lost is what you say, it's not a great point. and i wish i hadn't given them my time.

all great science fiction shows have characters you care about and interpersonal drama, real human motivations and relationships. some are even 'about love' (or mommy and daddy issues, what lost really seems to be about to me). And they succeed at that without sacrificing the science fiction aspects of the shows. Supernatural and Doctor Who are prime examples of current great sci fi, with great characters and a good deal of thought put into the plot. DW, especially, weaves their loose ends into fucking fantastic narrative payoffs that make you feel like you've been taken on a journey, not talked down to and ultimately forgotten.

maybe lost was a revolutionary nighttime soap, but it was really terrible sci fi show.

live tweeting the lost finale

it's not live now. as much as i think anti-spoiler culture is kinda square, i didn't want to upset anyone. not that anyone reads my twitter anyway. but since i am totally self absorbed, I thought i would show you my live tweeting, which ended pretty early on, when i started trying to figure out how to use cafepress to make lost finale related merchandise and make a poolload of cash. (i never really figured it out). so most of the twitters are from the pregame. and here they are for you!

  • this recap or whatever is all about their feelings and shit. nobody cares!!#fb
    6:33 PM May 23rd via txt

  • we want to know about the science and mysteries. did the writers really think of this as a "character driven" story?#fb
    6:35 PM May 23rd via txt

  • "it would be really fun to call hurley nicknames all the time." -creator of lost
    6:36 PM May 23rd via txt

  • I think the problem is that lost doesn't think it's a sci fi show. it thinks it's a nighttime soap drama.
    6:39 PM May 23rd via txt

  • I'm watching the recap still. they've -completely- skipped desmonds time travel knowing the future whatever happened happened stuff. nice job.
    7:37 PM May 23rd via txt

  • wow I honestly thought the cork on the bottle of hell thing was a lie to manipulate Richard.
    7:49 PM May 23rd via txt

  • so really the whole thing is that if it weren't for the island they wouldn't have all met their soulmates?
    8:15 PM May 23rd via txt

  • why would hurley want to return to a life where his soulmate died?
    8:15 PM May 23rd via txt

  • oh I see the sideways is better.
    8:53 PM May 23rd via txt

  • for all your "...but I do believe in duct tape" shirt needs! #fb
    about 24 hours ago via web

  • wow, cafepress is completely obtuse. #fb
    about 23 hours ago via web

the truth

so today i realized i have these unexplained scratches on my back (pictured). they remind me of mild cat scratches, but i (sadly) don't have a cat. so a person like me wonders, is it some kind of strange rash i don't know about, and not a scratch at all?

so i google "mysterious scratches."

and the internet tells me:


tour stories

here is a random and probably not terribly entertaining tour story for you (greg, you were there!):

the first time we played in winnipeg, we didn't stay overnight, but we pitstoppartied at a friend of a friend's house and took much apreciated showers. the apartment where the shower was was empty of people but full of cats, and one was a teeny tiny kitten.

the kitten followed me into the bathroom, and i said, no kitten, you need to stay out there. i put the kitten in the hallway, and and brushed my teeth or something. when i turned around, the kitten was back! that's how much it loved me. i put the magic kitten back in the hallway and sat to do some business.

as i sat, i saw tiny paws slide in under the door. "aw, kittens are cute" i thought. then out popped it's tiny kitten head! then its whole body followed.

the way i remember it, the kitten sat at the side of the tub while i showered (i couldn't keep it out if it could get under the door). but it was a long time ago and maybe i made that up.

damn, i love kittens.

re: new mia video

i sense that this MIA video is supposed to be thought provoking, but i can't really for figure out what thoughts it's supposed to provoke.

is it supposed to make me think of the horrors of ethnic cleansing? ok. why? and then why use a group of people who are at times at the receiving end of bigotry, however uninstitutional, but are not an ethnicity? is it supposed to be reminiscent of witchhunts, where redheaded people were actually considered evil? is it supposed to make me think of the conflicts between england and ireland, the latter being known for red hair?

it just seems sensational for no reason but to be sensational.
ultra peepi, zim

the relivening

i just relived 2002 by reading my old blog entries.

this was my favorite, only because i love cats:


fucking cats

why are cats so awesome? it's good i don't have cats at home, i'd never do anything. ha! cinders likes to sit on my bed about 10 minutes before i'm supposed to get up. then i don't want to get up because i think about how cinders won't sit with me at any other time, so i end up staying in bed an extra hour. oops. today i got up and sammy was sleeping on my couch, so then i had to cuddle with her for a while. they make me so late. yeah, it's all the cats, not me. yeah.

there are pine needles everywhere and i can't figure out why. i know my parents had issues with their tree, but there's no reason the stairs to the basement would be covered with needles. seriously. what were they doing? and the cats were taking turns jumping in the tree. but they wouldn't have been in the basement.

sammy really likes to jump into things and sit. she is sooo cute. cinders is cute too, to be fair, but she's just sleeping.

Interesting outtakes from the wikipedia article for Vulva

under "Alternative Terms", i'm just in love with this sentence. not because of the meaning of it, but the sentence itself. it is poetic. say it out loud:

"Cunt," an ancient word for the vulva and once the standard term, has become in its literal sense a vulgarism, and in other uses one of the strongest abusive obscenities in English-speaking cultures.

from "Etymology"

The word "vulva" was taken from Middle Latin volva or vulva "womb, female genitals", probably from Latin volvere "to roll" (lit. "wrapper").

i really like the term 'wrapper' for vulva. not as in giftwrap (ew), but that it's the tough exterior protective wrapper, keeping bad things out of your insides.